Unclaimed Asset Case Studies

Barclay’s Bank

Barclay’s Bank has been an Adar client for over 10 years. We have not missed one month in ten years where we have not recovered funds for the Bank.

Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB and affiliated companies has been an Adar client for over 10 years.  Our engagement provides for regular monthly reporting of all activity and direct presentation and submission of data for immediate unclaimed funds recovery.

General Electric Company

Since 2005 General Electric has received a steady flow of recovery payments due to Adar’s research.  The initial funds recovery found well over $50,000 in unclaimed assets.

Deutsche Bank SA

The recovery department at Deutsche Bank was initially skeptical about Adar’s offer.  In order to assuage concerns, Adar provided a mechanism for the unclaimed funds recovery process that was acceptable to the bank.  Over £150,000 were recovered for the bank and various subsidiaries which Adar was able to identify through its global research.


Adar scours government data files each month and submits claims as authorized by HSBC bank directly to the appropriate agency.

The Travelers Insurance Company

Adar has recovered over £35,000 for a dormant subsidiary of the Travelers Company.  Our research discovered the relationship and contacted the company about this long forgotten asset.

AIG Insurance company

Adar recovered over £45,000 from insolvency for a subsidiary that had become dormant.

Prosper Ndabishuriye

Prosper Ndabishuriye is a citizen of an African country who was engaged in humanitarian endeavours. He was defrauded by a charity based in the US.  That charity, since dissolved, was the beneficiary of a distribution in UK insolvency. Through a series of legal maneuvers Adar and UK attorneys successfully obtained a third party debt order and a sum in excess of £25,000 was awarded to Prosper.

Argonaut Insurance Company

In a case that was over 30 years old, Adar facilitated the recovery of £19,000 in unclaimed funds for the US-based insurance company.


Using standard tracing procedures Adar located the proper recipient of the funds of an obscure subsidiary and returned over £13,000.00 to the bank.

Black & Decker

Adar was instrumental in recovering in excess of £85,000 over the 8 years of this relationship with Black & Decker.

British Gas

For over 10 years Adar has provided recovery services to the UK utility giant.

CIT Group

Adar has recovered over £20,000 for this large financial institution.

Global Reinsurance Corp of America

A recent client, Adar researched a claim in excess of £110,000 and successfully recovered the funds for this huge multi-national insurance company.


In 2009 and thereafter, Adar has recovered in excess of £10,000 for this financial company in the UK.

Avery Dennison Materials Ireland Ltd

Adar recovered £40,000 for this multi-national company.

Federal Deposit Insurance CompanyFDIC.gov

As the beneficiary of a defunct bank The FDIC was unaware of over £150,000 due to it from unclaimed insolvency distributions. Adar’s research uncovered the assets and facilitated their recovery.

Wells Fargo Bank

A company’s insolvency process extended over 30 years.  During that time the initial creditor was acquired by several banks.  Adar was able to trace the process and found the legal successor in interest to these funds, totaling in excess of £150,000.


This UK public commission was the recipient of scores of distributions, many of which Adar uncovered.  Adar has facilitated the recovery  of over £20,000 for this public service entity in the UK.



These UK governmental entities had many assets which Adar discovered and assisted in recovery of.


This Lloyd’s of London associate was the creditor in an insolvency.  Adar advised the company of an asset in excess of £13,000 which it recovered for the syndicate.

Mokrynski International, Inc.

Adar recovered two separate amounts of unclaimed distributions for this company.

Prudential Assurance Company Ltd

For over 10 years Adar has acted for Prudential in recovery of funds in excess of £100,000

Societe Generale, France

In two separate transactions Adar, through its legal office in France facilitated the recovery of over £50,000 from unclaimed distributions of insolvency procedures.

Yorkshire Bank Plc, Clydesdale Bank

The bank has been a client dating to 2001.

America Group of Companies

This insurance company had acquired another firm several years earlier. That firm had not disclosed the existence of a US federal bond in the amount of $525,000, Adar, in finding the open and matured security located the surviving company and proceeded to recover this bond, much to the delight of our client.

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