About Adar International

ADAR International was founded in 1987 by Sidney J. Golub, a graduate in Economics from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, where he was a member of what is now Zeta Beta Tau.

A successful 40-year career businessman serving as CEO and CFO for several US companies in the northeast, Mr. Golub decided to start his own firm when he learned of the glaring need in the market for better service in recovery of unclaimed funds held in U.S. government accounts.

Over the ensuing ten years, Mr. Golub grew his business from a small start-up of only 4 employees to a total of 35 staff, becoming the largest and most important unclaimed funds recovery service in the US & UK.

Consistent and diligent tracking of insolvency data over more than twenty years in both countries has allowed Adar Group to build the most comprehensive unclaimed funds database in existence, providing an invaluable resource for uncovering assets for our clients.

Unclaimed Funds Recovery in the UK

Our initial beginnings in the United Kingdom were stymied and stonewalled by bureaucracy and red tape, but Mr. Golub was determined to change the way business was done in the UK.  So, in 1992 at no small cost and without the security that there would be any positive result, Mr. Golub engaged prestigious British Counsel, high powered public relations people, and insolvency professionals.

After 2 years of meetings, agreements and some trial runs Adar was successful in convincing the British Department of Trade and Industry to open their records of unclaimed funds.  After being vetted at the highest levels of the British government (Ministerial, DTI) Adar became the first non-governmental entity to gain access to these files.

Since then Adar has been successfully recovering funds for clients in the UK, and total distributions have been in the millions of pounds Sterling.  Adar’s client list includes many of the largest UK banks and Limited companies, and are unmatched for comprehensiveness of data, quality of service, and cost-effectiveness. Because Adar International is incorporated in the United States, clients in the UK do not pay VAT tax.

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